Butt and Electro Fusion

Steel, PE pipe, size on size, valveless, tie-ins, Line Stops and Hot Taps

Tap Master, Inc. - Butt and Electro FusionCertified technicians available for Butt Fusion and Electro Fusion Services for Poly Gas Pipe installations. Also available, Hot Tapping, line Stopping, Pipe Squeezing, and Leak Sealing for Steel and Poly gas Lines, Special Bypass capabilities allows work to be completed safely without a System Shutdown.

Tap Master, Inc. - Butt and Electro FusionAt this college in Northern California there was a new building being built and the existing low pressure gas line was right where the corner of the foundation was to be set. With Line Stops in place the existing steel line was cut and capped and a new poly-line was rerouted around the edge of where the building was to be built.