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Colorado Location

Location: 700 Quebec Street, Unit 100-#291,
Denver, CO, 80207-1639

Phone Number: 720-324-9000

Founded in 1993, Tap Master Inc. has established itself as a renowned leader in specialized pipeline services. With a rich history of delivering top-notch solutions globally, we ensure the smooth functioning of industrial pipelines. Our presence in Colorado is important to our operations, providing exceptional services to meet the unique needs of clients in the region. Our dedication to maintaining continuous operations underscores our commitment to excellence in serving our clients, ensuring their needs are met promptly and effectively.

Our Expertise in Pipeline Services

Tap Master, Inc. offers top-quality pipeline services for small, large, and specialty projects. We can cater to a wide range of clients from any industry, eliminating any delays or shutdowns that can hinder their production processes and operations. We also offer 24-hour emergency services, ideal for organizations working round the clock, preventing downtimes even in the most critical situations.

  • Line Stopping: Our line stop valve Colorado service allows for safe and efficient repairs, alterations, or replacements within a piping system by temporarily controlling the flow without shutting off the main supply. This procedure is essential for conducting major maintenance tasks with minimal disruption.
  • Hot Tapping: Pressure tapping or Hot tap pipeline Colorado service, facilitates the creation of a new pipeline connection while maintaining the existing line’s operation. This technique is critical for installing by-pass systems, tie-ins, and conducting pressure installations without service interruptions.
  • Valve Insertion: Our water gate valve Colorado service offers valve insertion to integrate gate valves into water or wastewater systems seamlessly. This process negates the need for complete system shutdowns, thereby minimizing the impact on facility operations.
  • Pipe Freezing: Pipe freezing creates a temporary barrier within the pipeline, allowing for modifications without shutting down the system. This method is both non-intrusive and cost-effective, ensuring operations continue unhindered during maintenance.
  • Leak Sealing: Our leak sealing service addresses vulnerabilities in older pipelines, providing quick and efficient repairs to avoid costly system replacements. This solution is essential for maintaining the integrity of industrial pipelines and preventing service disruptions.
  • Natural Gas Maintenance: Maintaining natural gas pipelines is crucial for safety and operational efficiency. Our team is skilled in conducting repairs, replacements, and regular inspections to ensure the safe and uninterrupted flow of natural gas.
  • Butt and Electro Fusion: Butt fusion is a reliable method for joining plastic pipeline components, offering numerous benefits such as reduced turbulence, lower costs, and improved system performance due to its smooth surface and resistance to corrosion.
  • Pipe Squeezing/Pipe Pinching: This technique is utilized to control fluid flow within pipelines by compressing them until flow stops. It’s particularly useful for temporary shut-offs or maintenance activities without permanently affecting the pipeline’s structure.
  • Thermowells: Thermowells protect temperature sensors from extreme conditions within pipelines, allowing for accurate temperature measurements without interrupting the process flow. This solution is vital for high-pressure environments and sensor maintenance.
  • Flow Meters: Flow meters provide essential data on the flow rate and direction of fluids within pipelines, contributing to improved performance and the prevention of operational issues. This information is crucial for optimizing pipeline functionality.
  • Specialty Fittings: Leveraging our extensive pipeline expertise, we can source, fabricate, and design specialty fittings for unique pipeline systems in Colorado. This capability ensures that even the most challenging applications can be accommodated.
  • Pipe Welding Services: Our certified welders employ MIG and TIG welding techniques to perform high-quality repairs and maintenance on industrial pipelines. Compliance with industry regulations and codes is a priority to guarantee the integrity of our work.

Pipe Check! With Tap Master Inc.

Experience the expertise of Tap Master Inc’s pipeline services in Colorado! Get in touch with us today and get that pipe checked to discuss your pipeline maintenance and repair needs. Don’t just take our word for it – check out our reviews to see how we’ve helped other clients maintain uninterrupted and efficient operations with Tap Master Inc.

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