Natural Gas Connections, Isolations and Leak Repair Capabilities

  • New points of connections for natural gas and propane can be performed safely using hot tapping
  • Stop off gas flow to work on a natural gas or propane pipe safely using line stopping and pipe squeezing
  • Butt Fusion and Electro Fusion services are available for Hot tapping and Line Stopping on HDPE and Polyethylene gas and lines
  • Welding services available for Hot tapping and Line Stopping steel natural gas and water lines
  • Bypasses to keep your gas system in service during repairs is also available for all systems
  • Repairs to gas leaks in is a viable solution to a shutdown

Tap Master works on the natural gas systems that the major gas companies cannot or won’t do on private properties.

We provide hot tap and line stop services the major gas companies can’t do with a much quicker response time.
We have ways to always keep the gas line in service while work is done, such as line stops, hot taps and pipe squeezing of HDPE and Polyethylene pipe.

No shutdown of gas system needed. We have over 30 years experience in working with gas systems.

If you have a gas problem, call the experts! Steel, PE pipe, size on size, valveless tie-ins, Line Stops and Hot Taps.