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Comprehensive Flow Meter Services

What Is A Flow Meter?

A flow meter is a device that measures how much liquid or gas moves through a pipeline in a given period of time. By measuring flow rates, flow meters provide crucial visibility into what’s flowing where, within pipes, drainage systems, and other types of infrastructure.

Live installations of Flow Meters are very useful.

No need for a need for an interruption of service to your system. Most flow meters can be installed live without a shutdown with Tap Master’s specialty services.

Industry Applications

Water Treatment

Accurately measuring the flow of sewage and other types of wastewater is essential for preventing clogs, especially in systems where wastewater includes sludge as well as liquid effluent.


Turbine flow meters are one of the most used flow meters in commercial and pharma-biotech. They use a bladed turbine rotor, usually held parallel to the pipe. You can think of them as drills. As fluid flows through them, it causes the rotor to spin, measuring the speed.


Flowmeters are often used in the Metal and Mining industries for fuel monitoring, density measurement in smelting furnaces, and more. Differential pressure flow meters are the perfect solution for gas, fuel, steam, and hot water applications in the mining industry.

Chemical Manufacturing

Installing the correct flowmeter is a vital part of chemical processing and choosing the wrong product could lead to losses within your business.

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