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Good afternoon,

My name is Joshua Doyle the O & M Assistant Superintendent with the ABCWUA in New Mexico. I would like to say what a great job Tyler Dixon did for us.

He was professional, efficient, and very knowledgeable. He came prepared and treated everyone with respect. Tap Masters has got a great employee in Mr. Dixon.

I call tell your company is hiring great people with the experience we had working with Tyler Dixon. Tap Master saved us money, company time, material costs, and customer complaints. I would highly recommend Tap Master to anyone needing any utility service they offer.

Thank you and I hope you have a great day.

I would just like to say what a great service your company provides. When I was at UCSF your people performed some very difficult pipe freezes, line stops and bypasses. Tap Masters has never failed. You have a very professional staff. Others I talk with in the field feel the same way. Please let them know what a great job they do.


I received word that your crew knocked the three taps out and everyone was happy. I want to thank you for the good work.

Thank you and your whole crew.
You are all way past awesome!!


Just wanted to say it was a pleasure working with Rusty and Mike again. They are definitely very knowledgeable guys and do great work.

With these guys representing your company you will be in business FOREVER.

It is a pleasure working with these guys and your company.

Thanks Again,

As usual was a pleasure working with your company again this past week. Mike as always very knowledgeable and courteous guy and is definitely cool to work with. Listens to what is going on and helps to make install easier on everyone.

Ross was quick to adapt and apply his knowledge and skills to getting the stuff done we needed. He is definitely good to work with and very helpful. Ross also seemed to be good help for Mike also. They made a good team. Once again you all have sent some good people to do some great work. Thanks

Often in this world we only hear the bad so I like to be the person to say the good. Just wanted to let you know.

Thanks again.


Just wanted to say it was a pleasure working with Greg and Joey today. They are both very knowledgeable and hard workers. Had no problem answering questions for me and working with me to get work completed. These buildings are not always easy to access and get work done. It was also good working with Mike and Justin in Reno. Just wanted to let you know.


Please let Stan know his guy Brendan did great. The customer always treats freezes and hot taps as a 911 as do I. He was patient with security and attentive to ACCO’s needs. Most of all he 100% made us all feel at ease because he knew exactly what he needed us to do for him. We did it and he was done just like he explained…Calm-n-Cool.

Just wanted to give you folks a good shout out for another job well performed this past Friday and Saturday morning at Sutter General Hospital. As always Mike and team executed their tasks flawlessly on time and with a level of professionalism that was exemplary. Please give Mike and team a huge pat on the back for a job well done!!

We recently finished a major project out at the Venetian and Sands in Las Vegas. This project was our biggest mechanical project yet and as a very small company I relied on my subs to do their part with no problems. So I called Dave and asked him to help us with (14) hot taps. I’m use to Dave showing up and doing the work so when he sent someone else I was a little worried. Kyle Hymer showed up early and I showed him all the locations once. I left and went to the other side of the property where I was working. The only time I heard from Kyle was when he was done and there were no issues. He remembered all the locations which is piece of mind when you have a million things going on and is priceless.

The professionalism and having everything ready and on time is outstanding. Kyle recently did (2) 4” hot taps. We had a problem with our valves holding so I asked Kyle if he could wait for us to remove and reinstall the valves. He said no problem and was very patient and worked with us. Crown would like to request that Kyle be on all Crowns jobs and if he is busy we’ll reschedule until he is available.

Thank you Tap Master, it is truly great doing business with you.

I want to compliment your crew (Cisco and Sid) on the outstanding job they did today. Your team is extremely professional and I truly appreciate their attention to detail. I look forward to working with you again in the future.