Pipe Leak Sealing Services

Industrial pipe leaks can be extremely costly to operators if left unresolved. That’s where Tap Master Group comes in. Our repairs are made to piping components while your system stays in service. All temperatures, pressures, products, and sizes. Valves repacked On-Line, Flange Leaks, and Piping leaks are all sealed.

Types Of Industrial Leaks

Valve Packing Leaks

  • Valve packing is a component in a valve that forms a pressure seal between the inside of the valve and the outside of the valve, keeping the process fluid from leaking out.
  • Over time, the packing will wear in, relax, or loosen up with process temperature, or even seasonal ambient temperatures, and begin to leak.
  • Tap Master, Inc can repack most valves live without interruption to your service.

Flange Leaks

  • Leaks can decrease productivity; impact a company’s bottom line; contaminate products or create a safety or environmental hazard depending on the leak type.
  • One common area equipment operators observe leakage is around the flanges. Flanges have three main components: a ring, a gasket and bolts to hold the flange together and secure it to the exchanger. When a flange leak occurs, it’s typically associated with the gasket – perhaps it’s not installed correctly or the wrong size is used – but that’s not always the case. Tap Master, Inc can repair your flange leaks allowing you a longer service run before having to change out the gasket at the next shutdown.

Elbow and Fitting Leaks

  • Leaking pipe joints are a common problem that can affect all types of pipes. One of the most frequent issues that require a fix in homes and businesses across the nation.
  • The reason for this is because every pipe no matter what material is susceptible to leaking from a joint. Tap Master can repair your pipe joint leaks live without a shutdown.

Weld Porosity/Corrosion Leaks

  • Porosity is the presence of cavities in the weld metal caused by the freezing in of gas released from the weld pool as it solidifies.
  • Tap Master, Inc can safely repair and enclose weld and other types of leaks

Industries Served

Oil & Gas

  • Breached pipelines carrying potentially hazardous substances need to be repaired as soon as possible. The Tap Master Group can help with that.

Water Utilities Industry

  • Pipe repairs enable the water industry to make rapid live leak repairs to leaking pipes and burst water mains as soon as problems are identified on supply networks.

Public Buildings

  • Ripe repair and leak sealing solutions to public buildings and those in the leisure and hospitality industries, enable leaks to be fixed quickly and easily without the need of a plumber, minimizing disruption to businesses and customers.