Specialty Pipe Fittings Services

Types Of Specialty Fittings

Whatever it is, if we don’t have it we will get it. If no one has it, we will make it. Every job can be accomplished in more than one way or another. Here are some specialty fittings we work with:

Tapping Through Extended Fittings

Tap Master can hot tap through extended nipples bringing your valves outside the wall of a shaft. We can also hot tap through extended flanged nozzle fittings to elevate your work. Call us for a job walk so we can lay it out for you to accomplish your needs.

Save a Valve Tees/Obstruction Tees

Allows hot tapping without a valve and or using valves that don’t have a full or round port.

Great for under computer floors, where there is not enough space. Great for underground services where the ground cover is minimal and when there are obstructions preventing you from running you new piping.

Tapping into Vessels or Blind Flanges

Tap Master’s Services allows access to flush tanks/vessels, add air reliefs, new connections and more.

Industries Served

Industrial and utility piping systems are primarily used to transport or process fluids—both liquids and gasses. These systems are designed and constructed to suit and support specific applications, such as heating, cooling, filtering, steam generation, or compression.

Piping is an important part of modern water and wastewater treatment systems, water pumping units, desalination units, cooling water systems and others. Piping systems are like veins of modern plants. The piping is used to carry water, wastewater, chemicals and mixtures from one location to another. Tap Master can solve your new connection problems one way or another.