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Our Services

Tap Master, Inc. offers top-quality pipeline services for small, large, and specialty projects. We can cater to a wide range of clients from any industry, eliminating any delays or shutdowns that can hinder their production processes and operations. We also offer 24-hour emergency services, ideal for organizations working round the clock, preventing downtimes even in the most critical situations.

Our Full Line of Services

We have a full range of services to repair and maintain your pipeline system. Regardless of the job’s complexity, we have the solution to ensure your pipeline systems continue to run smoothly without unnecessary and costly interruptions in your operations.

Our complete line of services includes:

Line Stopping

Line stopping refers to isolating a piping system where the problem exists by placing a valve or line stop to provide temporary control without completely shutting off the water main. It allows us to do major repairs, alterations, and replacements safely. Once done, the line stop can be removed, and the pipe can return to normal operation.

Applications of line stopping:

  • Valve insertions and replacements under pressure
  • Leak repairs without service disruption
  • Pipeline relocations without shutdowns
  • Insertions of new pipeline constructions into the existing structure

Hot Tapping

Also known as pressure tapping, hot tapping a pipeline refers to making another connection to the existing pipeline without emptying or interrupting a specific part of the pipe. The hot tapping pipe procedure begins with attaching a branch connection and valve outside the channel through bolts or welding. After that, the pipeline wall is cut out through the branch, which will beĀ  securely removed through the valve.

Applications of hot tapping:

  • Installation of by-pass piping systems
  • Tie-ins or new pipeline construction
  • Pressure and vacuum installations

Valve Insertion

Another solution we provide is valve insertion, allowing us to insert gate valves into the existing water or wastewater conduit without media loss, service interruption, or depressurization. The goal is to prevent the need for completely shutting off the system, which can negatively impact an entire facility, a municipality, or your commercial business.

Pipe Freezing

In pipe freezing, a safe and temporary barrier is created within the pipeline by freezing one part to make ice plugs. It’s a non-intrusive and cost-effective service that allows our contractors to do necessary work, such as modifications, to the piping. The system does not need to be turned off since the plugs can successfully hold back pressure and its contents.

Leak Sealing

Older industrial pipelines are susceptible to leaks due to wear. If left alone, it can cause expensive repairs or replacements. Since replacing the entire system is impossible without restricting water usage to a substantial level, we provide a high-performance leak-sealing service that’s quick and efficient. Our contractors have experience working on all types of industrial leaks, so we can guarantee a secure and reliable repair.

Leak sealing applications:

  • Valve packing
  • Flange leaks
  • Elbow and fitting leaks
  • Weld porosity
  • Corrosion leaks

Natural Gas

Maintaining your natural gas connections is critical to prevent dangerous leaks in the system. Fortunately, we have the experience and capabilities to provide leak repairs and replacements without disrupting gas flow. We also conduct regular inspections and maintenance to ensure your safety and the optimal function of your natural gas pipelines.

Butt and Electro Fusion

Butt fusion refers to a specialized plastic welding method that can efficiently heat two separate plastic components, such as two pipes or a pipe and a fitting. It’s the most widely used pipeline technique because it offers many advantages that can improve your system’s performance.

Benefits of using butt welded pipe fittings:

  • Reduce pressure loss and turbulence within the system
  • Lowe cost in budget
  • Smoother surface
  • Protect against corrosion and erosion

Pipe Squeezing/Pipe Pinching

Pipe squeezing or pinching uses a squeeze-off technique, which controls the flow of fluids by compressing the parallel bars until the inside surfaces make contact. Fluids can be oil, potable water, dry or wet gas, multiphase fluids, or non-potable oilfield water. It’s a common industrial practice that can shut off or reduce the flow of fluids without squeezing the pipes. However, it’s not ideal for partially restricting or repeated flow control in the same location.

Applications of pipe squeezing:

  • Tie-ins
  • Maintenance
  • Emergency repairs


Shielding thermometers or temperature sensors from harsh environments and stressful conditions, such as corrosion, pressure, and velocity, is required. One suitable solution is thermowells, which are cylindrical fittings made of metal. These are primarily employed to protect the thermometer’s sensors when measuring temperature safely inside the conduit, while the thermowell makes contact with the media.

Applications of thermowell:

  • No need to disrupt the process flow
  • Sensor maintenance functions
  • High-pressure pipeline sensor replacements

Flow Meters

Flow meters are employed within a pipeline to measure, monitor, and record the flow rate, pressure, or discharge of fluids. These devices are imperative because they provide crucial information regarding the pipeline’s operation, such as the amount of liquid moving inside the conduit and in what direction it’s moving. This information can be used to improve performance and prevent potential problems.

Specialty Fittings

Our years of pipeline knowledge and expertise allowed us to work on specialty fittings in custom pipeline systems. We can source or fabricate these fittings for you, especially if none are commercially available. Our team can also design and develop specialty fittings to meet unique challenges and applications.

Pipe Welding Services

Another capability we offer is pipe welding, which consists of MIG and TIG arc welding processes. Our pipe welders can repair any industrial pipelines while ensuring they are qualified and certified to guarantee the highest quality of work. Moreover, our welders work in accordance with regulations and codes set out by the industry.

Choose Dependable Pipeline Services by Tap Master

Tap Master, Inc. focuses on providing superior pipeline services for standard or specialty piping systems, ensuring your system’s optimal performance. Whether you’re dealing with constant leaks or need major repairs, we have the solution to guarantee minimal downtime and maximum efficiency.

Our team of experts is equipped with the latest techniques so that we can finish the project immediately. Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities, and we can send out our team any time of the day!