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Location: 4001 S. Decatur Blvd Suite 37-660 Las Vegas,
NV 89103

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At Tap Master Inc., we’re a group of professionals who understand the importance of reliable and efficient pipeline systems. We specialize in hot tapping, line tapping, pipe freezing, and valve insertions to ensure the smooth operation of your pipelines in Nevada. Our services cover a wide range of needs for different types of industries, such as oil and gas, water treatment plants, manufacturing facilities, and more. We have proudly served Nevada for many years and established ourselves as a premier leader in your area. Learn more about our services today!

The Services We Offer in Nevada

We cater to industrial and commercial sectors, supporting clients with their pipeline challenges through our advanced services. Our firm stands out as a top provider of specialized pipeline solutions in Nevada, staying current with industry trends and consistently delivering optimum outcomes.

Now, our core services encompass:

  • Line Stopping: Our Nevada line-stopping services involve the strategic use of a line stop valve and fitting to create a temporary shutoff. This method facilitates work on specific pipeline sections without system disruptions, ensuring uninterrupted functionality and averting unnecessary shutoffs.
  • Hot Tapping: Collaborating with Nevada facilities and businesses, we employ hot tapping to add new connections or repair damaged pipeline segments without system shutdowns. Our efficient hot-tapping technique minimizes disruptions, saving time and costs.
  • Valve Insertions: Valve insertion is a widely used service today. Enhancing existing Nevada pipelines, we insert water gate valves for new installations without system shutdowns. This approach streamlines maintenance and repairs, simplifying water main upgrades without service interruptions.
  • Pipe Freezing: By creating ice plugs through pipe freezing, a temporary pipeline barrier is established. This cost-effective method doesn’t disrupt system flow, proving valuable in diverse scenarios. Ideal for modifications, this safe process uses ice plugs to withstand pressure and contents effectively.

Pipeline Services For Nevada Clients

Any establishment or company with a pipeline network in Nevada can benefit from our solutions. Whether it’s a minor maintenance task or a large-scale setup, we possess the skills to manage it all.

We cater to various sectors, including:

  • Municipal: Regular maintenance of municipal pipelines is vital to avoid disruptions in water supply for residents and businesses. Our assistance covers municipal water systems of all scales in Nevada, ensuring smooth operations.
  • Wastewater: Effective wastewater treatment relies on well-maintained piping systems. Our services like hot tapping and line stopping maintain the system’s functionality, supporting your wastewater management requirements promptly.
  • Industrial: We also serve industrial sites where pipelines are essential for transporting substances during processing. With cutting-edge technology, we handle pipeline challenges to meet industry regulations effectively.

Tap Master Inc. Serves Different Industries Throughout Nevada

Our team at Tap Master Inc. is available 24 hours a day to help different industries when they have emergency needs. From hotels, to hospitals, to universities and everything in between, we have the experience and resources to provide specialized pipeline services. Our clients trust us to keep their systems running smoothly and efficiently, no matter what challenges arise. Contact us today for an estimate!

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