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Utah Location

Location: 1935 W4700 S., #121,
Salt Lake City, Utah 84120

Phone Number:
(801) 953-1454

Tap Master Inc. are specialists and experts in repairing and handling industrial pipeline systems in Utah. We have a network of professional engineers and technicians dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality of service. Whether you need someone to attach a line stop valve or hot tap a pipeline in Utah, we’re the professionals you can trust.

Services and Capabilities in Utah

Tap Master Inc. has been repairing and working on specialized pipelines since 1993. Regardless of the complexity of your plant or facility’s pipeline, we can handle it with ease and finesse through the variety of available pipeline services. Using innovative industry trends, we can perform pipeline repairs, such as attaching a line stop valve in a pipeline in Utah and its surrounding areas.

Our primary services are composed of the following:

  • Line Stopping: Line stopping refers to temporarily halting a section of an operating pipeline by attaching a valve to a section of the pipeline. It’s an ideal solution in industries where they can’t afford to stop the entire pipeline system to make a modification or repair.
  • Hot Tapping: Hot tapping is when professionals create a new connection in an existing pipeline without shutting it down. It’s an efficient and cost-effective method for adding new branches and connections or installing valves while the pipeline is still operating.
  • Valve Insertion: If you need new valves and other components installed in your existing pipeline, we can insert a water gate valve in your Utah facility without a hitch. It allows us to upgrade your old valves or make necessary improvements without downtime.
  • Pipe Freezing: Pipe freezing is a quick and cost-effective technique utilized to perform piping maintenance. Ice plugs are produced inside a pipeline to cut flow and pressure temporarily during this process.

We Work with Large Entities to Improve their Existing Pipelines

As leaders in specialty pipeline repairs, Tap Master Inc. has worked with various large entities in Utah to repair their pipelines and ensure they continue to operate efficiently. Our team of experts is well-equipped with the latest tools and techniques for handling industrial pipeline systems. We provide our services to the following:

  • Industrial: We’re well-versed in the large and complex pipeline systems in industrial and manufacturing facilities. Therefore, we understand the importance of a durable and efficient pipeline system for the smooth operation of a plant, and we strive to provide superior services to support these industries.
  • Commercial: Our team has experience working with various commercial properties in Utah, from office buildings to shopping centers. We specialize in repairing underground pipelines without disturbing the daily operations of your business.
  • Municipal: Our expertise extends to municipal applications where shutting pipelines off is not an option, as it can cut off water supply to neighborhoods and residential areas. We can attach a water gate valve and do necessary repairs in Utah households while minimizing disruptions to the community.

Trust Tap Master Inc. for Expert Pipeline Services in Utah

At Tap Master Inc., we understand the significance of maintaining industrial pipeline systems and the impact they can have on businesses and communities. That’s why we strive to provide top-notch services that ensure high efficacy, durability, and safety for everyone.

If you want to learn more about our range of specialty pipeline services, feel free to contact us today. Speak to one of our representatives, and we’ll develop an affordable solution tailored to your needs!

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