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Location: 720 SE 160th Ave Suite 119
Vancouver, Washington, 98684

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Tap Master Inc. comprises expert technicians who offer specialized pipeline services in Washington and Oregon. We provide exceptional services such as pipeline maintenance, inspections, and repair for industrial and commercial sectors. We can line stop, hot tap, pipe freeze, repair leaks, and insert valves with precision and accuracy, resulting in minimal downtime and cost without stopping your central system.

Our Range of Services for Washington and Oregon Clients

We can handle small or large pipeline-related projects, regardless of the job’s complexity and intricacies. Our years of expertise in handling pipelines let us keep up with industry trends to provide innovative solutions. For instance, we can hot tap an existing pipeline in an Oregon business and attach a line stop valve during our Washington operations with ease and confidence.

A breakdown of our popular services includes:

  • Line Stopping: We can attach a line stop valve in a Washington and Oregon facility’s pipeline to perform line-stopping procedures, which refers to temporarily closing a section of an active pipeline. It allows technicians to perform maintenance or do repairs without a complete shutdown.
  • Valve Insertions: Inserting a water gate valve in a Washington and Oregon pipeline is our specialty, allowing for easy installation of new valves and components. It’s a simple process when upgrading the valves or adding new ones to improve your system’s performance.
  • Hot Tapping: Our technicians can hot tap any Washington and Oregon facility’s pipeline with confidence without the need for a total shutdown of your system’s main. Hot tapping creates a new branch connection while the system is still operational, allowing undisturbed maintenance operations.
  • Pipe Welding: Creating robust and secure welds in your piping connections allows for a more durable and reliable pipeline. Our team has extensive pipe welding experience, ensuring all connections are leak-proof and long-lasting.
  • Pipe Freezing: When a section of the pipeline needs to be repaired or maintained, freeze plugging is a viable option that doesn’t require turning off your system. Ice plugs are created in the pipeline to cut off flow and pressure, giving technicians enough time to perform necessary modifications.

Specialty Pipeline Services for Our Washington and Oregon Clients

Numerous industries rely on our services to keep their pipelines in shape, especially in rigorous and extreme conditions. Some of these applications include the following:

  • Industrial: Industrial applications require an immense network of pipeline systems, so valve insertions are necessary to create new connections and improve overall efficiency. For example, we can attach a water gate valve in any Washington and Oregon pipeline to improve its flow and functionality.
  • Commercial: Our services are common in busy commercial businesses where their pipelines face blockage or leaks. Through line stopping, we can install a line stop valve in a Washington and Oregon facility to do essential repairs without the risk of downtimes.
  • Municipal: Citizens in a municipality rely on pipeline systems to deliver a constant supply of clean water. Our pipe-freezing services are fundamental in temporarily shutting off a section of the pipeline for maintenance or repairs without disrupting the water main.

Choose Tap Master to Perform Repairs & Maintenance in Your Area

From Washington to Oregon, Tap Master is a trusted and reliable partner in keeping your pipeline systems in optimal condition. Our team of technicians has extensive experience and specialized training to handle any pipeline-related issue with consistent quality results. Contact us today to learn more about our services; our team will be there instantly!

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