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Specialty Fittings

Tap Master Specialty Pipe Fittings Services

Types Of Specialty Fittings

Whatever it is, if we don’t have it we will get it. If no one has it we will make it. Every job can be accomplished in more than one way or another. Here are some specialty fittings we work with.

Tapping Saddles
A tapping saddle, also called a tap saddle, a service saddle, or a tapping band is a plumbing/waterworks device that is used to create an outlet in the body of an installed pipeline in urban areas. It is utilized to install a house connection from a main pipe

Tapping Sleeves
A tapping sleeve and valve allows access to and branching off of an existing water main.

Industries Served

Industrial and utility piping systems are primarily used to transport or process fluids—both liquids and gasses. These systems are designed and constructed to suit and support specific applications, such as heating, cooling, filtering, steam generation, or compression. By employing some of the principles of piping design, manufacturers can engineer and produce more efficient fluid transfer methods.

Piping is an important part of modern water and wastewater treatment systems, water pumping units, desalination units, cooling water systems and others. Piping systems are like veins of modern plants. The piping is used to carry water, wastewater, chemicals and mixtures from one location to another.

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