Hall of Fame

The winner of the tablet at the 2021 St. George Utah Rural Water Show was Scott Christianson of Hooper Water Improvement District. Congratulations Scott!

The winner of the Amazon Tablet at the 2020 Utah Rural Water Show in St. George, UT last week was Ward Brewer of Camp Williams Water. Congratulations Ward!!

6 year old Roman Felix, a future Tap Master customer in Tucson, Arizona

Charlie Miller of Ft. Lupton, CO, layering his "Tap Master" shirt under his Ft. Lupton uniform in 24°F. "Thanks Charlie".

The Amazon Tablet winner at the 2019 Tri States Seminar in Las Vegas was Jose Palomares from the City of Somerton, Arizona.

The winner of the Amazon Tablet at the 2019 Arizona AWWA Show in Phoenix this week was Garrett Tebbs, an Estimator for McCarthy. Thanks for attending the show Garrett.

Winner of the Amazon Fire Stick at the 2019 Cal-NV AWWA Show in Sacramento was Steven Thomas , Estimator at Preston Pipelines. Congratulations Steven. (Shown with "Stan the Man" making the presentation)

Amazon Tablet Winner: Preston Tucker, Construction Leader, the City of Sandy, Utah 2019 Utah Rural Water Show in St. George, February 26th-28th

2018 Tri States Show in Las Vegas last week. Tap Master raffled off a 10” Amazon Tablet and the winner was Jaime, with the City of Tempe, Arizona. Congratulations to Jaime.